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Redwood Park Academy


Class Teacher: Charlotte Bleach

Welcome to Warrior Class one of our Key Stage 3 classes here at Redwood Park Academy.

Autumn 2023

Welcome to the first Warrior class at Redwood Park Academy. Our teacher is Charlotte, and two teaching assistants Dawn and Tom.

Warrior is a class of 10 pupils in year 7, who have enjoyed getting to know each other these past couple of weeks and are all enthusiastic about swimming, art and maths! Our class values are to be kind, resilient and to be responsible. Let’s not forget that we also want to have some fun!

This autumn term our theme is Brilliant Bodies, we have already got stuck in learning about the amazing things our bodies can do! The pupils are keen to learn, they have displayed many strengths such as, being creative, active and teamwork skills. Warrior class thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the variety of activities set up for our stunning start (to Brilliant Bodies) including the mini-Olympics! Pupils said that they also loved practising their first aid skills and being involved in a sensory story.

This year they have said they are excited about the school trips such as, Marwell Zoo, going to the fort and the lake! It’s safe to say we are excited for what we can achieve by the end of the academic year!