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Redwood Park Academy


Class Teacher: Amy Giles

Welcome to Spinnaker Class one of our Key Stage 4 classes here at Redwood Park Academy.

Information relating to the pupils learning and class news will be populated shortly. 

Autumn 2023

Hello and Welcome to Spinnaker class. Where we have Amy as our teacher and Izzy and Ellie as our teaching assistants. 

We are a class of 10 pupils, some of us have been friends for a long time and some of us have made new friends.

We are looking forward to a lot of things this year including swimming, cooking, playing football with our friends and lunch clubs including Pokémon Club. 

We have started of our project lessons. Where our topic is Brilliant Bodies. We had our stunning start for this where we went around to many different workshops including first aid and healthy eating. Here we tried different foods and made smoothies. In the afternoon we participated in a paralympic event.

In English we started of by looking at stories and are now moving on to Fact Files. In Maths we started of by looking at Place Value and have now moved onto adding and take away. 

We are very much looking forward to the rest of our time in Spinnaker and are excited for all the things we have planned for the rest of this year.