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Redwood Park Academy

School Teams

At Redwood Park Academy, team work is essential for everyone to achieve their maximum potential, be that teachers and staff, pupils and staff or pupils and pupils.  We firmly believe in our community and the positive approaches making a cohesive and productive team. 

We have 4 teams that pupils are part of and every pupil upon joining Redwood will be assigned to one of them.


We have…..in the yellow corner ENDEAVOUR.

We have …..in the green corner DISCOVERY.

We have …..in the red corner ADVENTURE.     

And we have ……in the purple corner VICTORY.

All the team names, mottos and colours were chosen and designed by Redwood pupils.  We have lots of opportunities through the year to earn team points, please keep an eye out in the diary for them!! 

Our first event of the year was the start of the daily Redwood KM!!

Pupils are encouraged to walk each morning to gain points for their team.  They go out during the day to do laps.  They get a point for each lap they do.  If they manage to get 20 laps done during the week they have walked a whole KM!

Redwood KM