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Redwood Park Academy

Pupil Voice

Here at Redwood Park we value the thoughts, suggestions and opinions of our pupils.  It is a very difficult, yet imperatively important skill to have to be able to stand up for yourself in an appropriate yet firm manner.  The thought behind pupil voice is to give our pupils the right skills and correct mind-set to do just this. 

At the beginning of the year pupils are given the opportunity at apply for the different positions that are open.  They can either write their applications, send in application videos and/or emails or apply in person.  Pupils are encouraged to take part – the more applications the more choice!!

Pupil’s applications are then put forward to the school to watch, read or listen to.  They are all given their own voting slips and can put their votes in the ballot boxes around school.

Then next job is to count the votes!!  Exciting times . . . . .

Finally the announcement is made, the pupil voice council are in.  Each person is informed of their victory and receive their very own pupil voice badge. 

We make sure that:

  • Everyone in the school can have their say and give their views on absolutely everything!
  • Pupils are involved in making choices and suggesting changes
  • We understand how important it is to be good citizens and to support our school community and our friends
  • We help our school to get even better at everything we do
  • That no-one is ever overlooked. We make it personal…

The pupil voice meets up every half term to discuss how school life is. They will feedback any suggestions and reviews from their year group/team and will come up with plans and suggestions to put in places what they feel would benefit their fellow pupils. 

Pupils voice representative are responsible in showing good examples of behaviour, showing support to their peers and working as a team to benefit the overall well-being of the pupils at Redwood Park academy.

Pupil Voice Structure 

Pupil Voice