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Redwood Park Academy


Each Key Stage has a termly topic which is a broad area of study that we know will motivate, interest and engage pupils in their learning. Previous topics have included:

How Things Work

All About Me

Tomorrow’s World

Ghosts & Ghouls

Topics are launched within the first two weeks of a term and activities have included food tasting, trips out, fire lighting, sensory stories and problem-solving challenges. At the end of a topic, pupils have a ‘Fantastic Finish’ where they reflect on what they have learned in a fun and exciting way. Examples of these days have included art galleries, video making, sports events and last year the whole of Key Stage 3 went to the forest for fun activities and a BBQ!

The topics are used as a context, within which, pupils develop their key skills as outlined in their individual EHC plans. Non-core subjects are taught through the topic, again as a context to develop the pupils’ skills. All areas of pupil EHC plans are incorporated: Participation in Society (Communication), Employment, Education, Training or Supported Work (Cognition & Learning), Independent Living and Being Heathy (Sensory & Physical). This means that a pupil might be developing their ability to travel independently by bus while learning about the area they live in or developing their fine motor skills while planting seeds.