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Redwood Park Academy

PE and Swimming

Our Vision

Redwood Park Academy uses PE and Sport to promote healthy, active lifestyles and mental well-being. The key is for it to be enjoyable as well as to offer pupils the skills required to continue living healthy and active lives beyond school.

Pupils experience a wide spectrum of activities which encourage and inspire them to build self- esteem, teamwork and leadership skills enabling them to be the best they can be. We believe that a varied physical education programme offers a fundamental and effective platform to provide opportunities for young people to develop important life skills.

As part of our curriculum we aim to provide opportunities for young people to gain knowledge of local facilities that are free in their locality and ensure that all pupils have a secure understanding of how to use these to improve their health and well-being.

We aim to

  • Improve health and well being
  • Provide high quality opportunities and outcomes
  • Increase inclusion and break down social barriers and discrimination
  • Improve independence skills
  • Offer opportunities for pupils to achieve qualifications in Physical Education
  • Provide the knowledge and understanding of how to use local facilities to continue exercise and well-being as independently as possible.