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Redwood Park Academy


All of our pupils are taught in small classes of about ten. Our classes are named after iconic places and landmarks in Portsmouth. Each class has a main teacher and a group of skilled teaching assistants who support and guide the pupils. Pupils have a consistent and visual timetable and are taught most lessons by their main teacher. They will receive some teaching from specialist staff (for example, swimming).

As pupils move through the school, they will be taught by a larger range of teachers when it becomes appropriate to their needs. Pupils are taught English and maths daily. In Key Stage 4, pupils can choose options to take that will prepare them for their future learning and career choices and to spend more time doing lessons that motivate and inspire them. Each day starts with a ‘Readiness for Learning’ session which allows pupils to use sensory regulation techniques to ensure they are ready to learn in their other lessons. This might include for example, ‘talking time’ with an adult, time with our school chickens or a focussed motor skills activity.

All learning is personalised and specialist equipment is utilised to support pupils depending on their individual needs. Pupils will be taught in a range of different styles to develop their skills including active learning, outside learning and through therapeutic sessions.

Additional support, to compliment teaching and learning and ensure maximum pupil progress is provided through a wide range of educational and health professionals including Speech and Language Therapists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Sensory Integration specialists, educational psychologists, CAMHS and the School Nursing Service.  These professionals provide an advisory input for class staff as well as practical sessions with the young people.