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Redwood Park Academy

The Queen’s Green Canopy

As part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations last year The Queens Green Canopy Project was set up to encourage nationwide tree planting which would be a fitting and lasting memorial to the Queen’s seventy years of service.

At Redwood Park Academy we held two events to support this. A community tree planting event when we planted 100 native hornbeam trees, making a circular hedge or “living classroom”. And as part of our Jubilee tea party event we planted “70 trees for the Queen’s Jubilee”.

This week we received notification that our trees had been added to the nation map of the Queen’s Green Canopy. We were sent a virtual plaque to use alongside the physical one we have in our orchard, which became the focus of our memorial to the Queen following her death in September.


Queen's Green Canopy Map, can you find us?