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Redwood Park Academy

STEM Event

STEMunity organised an amazing event at The Portsmouth Academy. Professionals from RC Vision, The Royal Navy Atlantic rowing team and The Drone Rules provided 3 interactive activities. The pupils taking STEM as an option in key stage 4 attended the event to celebrate their success in completing the qualification and to have exposure to STEM careers.


The pupils raced remote control cars around a track learning about corners and the quickest routes around the course. Explored the actual HMS Oardacious and built their own boat from 5 materials to race across the water. We had the second fastest boat of the day! Thanks to a few helpful tips from our STEM teacher.


Finally, the pupils learnt the importance of using drones in the NHS to supply much needed medical resources quickly & safely as well as having a go at flying a drone. Nathan said he wants to go to this event everyday. Bradley said I’ve spoken to pupils from others schools & tried to mix with people. Ethan K thought the day was amazing. Sarah Jones, the teacher, said we are so grateful to STEMunity for our invitation to join the day. The pupils learnt about STEM careers and felt inspired to get fully involved.