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Redwood Park Academy

Residential Visits 2022

It has been excellent to see the return of our annual residential visits this year after a brief break.


In May, the year 9 & 10 pupils had the opportunity to travel to Dartmoor for a week’s outdoor education residential just off the moors. They stayed on the grounds of an incredible private school, being fortunate enough to be provided with breakfast and dinner in their dining room. One of the pupils likened it to eating dinner at Hogwarts! Daily activities included raft building, rock scrambling, abseiling and a day of exploring the moors. Whilst up on the moors, the pupils explored an old rock mining area, with the remains of a small village and a school being the stop off point for lunch.


In June the year 7 & 8 pupils travelled slightly closer to home, staying on a moored ship along the coast near Chichester. This was a water sports residential, with pupils out on the water most days, either on small boats, kayaks or rafts. Evening activities included obstacle courses and crabbing, with many pupils being brave and holding crabs for the first time.


Coming up the Duke of Edinburgh pupils will be off on their 2-day expedition and at the end of term the year 11 pupils will be off to Swanage for the start of their National Citizenship Service programme, which again has been on hold for a few years due to Covid.


Residental Visits 2022