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Redwood Park Academy


Class Teacher: Faye Ansell

Welcome to Mountbatten Class one of our Key Stage 3 classes here at Redwood Park Academy.

Summer 2024

Mountbatten class have enjoyed our weird and wonderful art, making paper mache planets, and inventing our own ice cream. We’ve all worked really hard to improve our reading this year and using our phonics to help us. We’ve all got on really well and enjoyed each other’s company and have had a very happy year.

The class has really enjoyed learning about space and creating our own planet fact files. Our highlight was creating our class art project of an eye which was so fun and the art looks brilliant! We also really loved making our own ice cream in a bag and inventing our toppings. We enjoyed learning about D-Day and taking part in the celebrations.

Our favourite trips were to The Mary Rose Museum, the farm, and to Winchester Science Centre. We all enjoyed the 4D cinema at the Mary Rose Museum, and seeing the ship and learning about its history. At the farm we liked seeing the baby cows best, and making butter. At Winchester we all loved the Planetarium, and trying on glasses that made light into rainbows. The class are looking forward to...

Seeing our new class, learning loads of new things, and having another great year in year 9.


This is what some of the pupils had to say...

Savanna - “I think this year has been really wonderful and I think all of us have really enjoyed our year in year 8”.

Samuel - “I’ve really loved making friends and playing football this year with them. They’re my mates. It’s been a great year.”

Autumn 2023

Welcome to Mountbatten class 2023-24!

One of our year 8 classes.  Our class teacher is Faye, and we are supported by Alison and Lois.

We are a class of 10 pupils and we all love coming into school and are enthusiastic about our learning!

This term’s topic is Brilliant Bodies. We have enjoyed reading Funnybones, and are having fun creating our own characters, acting out the story, and building skeletons out of junk! We love to be creative and have decorated masks, and we have made our own play dough, slime and chalks. We had a lot of fun in our Stunning Start, making our own healthy juices in the juice bar, learning how to apply bandages, and taking park in our very own Redwood Olympics! We have also been learning the names of our bones and drawing life-size skeletons outside in chalk.

As a class we love to be active. We love swimming and outdoor education, and we are excited to start kayaking this half term. We all look out for each other and are very pleased to see each other every day. We are a great class and can’t wait to explore what the year holds for us.