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Redwood Park Academy

Life Skills

At Redwood Park building functional life skills is at the heart of our curriculum throughout KS3 and KS4 in preparation for adulthood lessons.

The curriculum is centered around fostering independence across a range of areas such as: earning money and applying for jobs, financial literacy and banking, food choices and preparing meals, democracy and law, personal hygiene, DIY basics, and travel training.

Pupils have the opportunity to develop these skills in focused sessions with a highly practical and hands on approach.

Our newly refurbished ‘life-skills hub’, is continuing to grow in application as a further resource for specialist sessions and pupils are able to engage and enjoy their learning in real-world context in a range of environments.


Our aims:

  • To provide a personalised, practical experience for our pupils to build relevant and functional knowledge and skills for life beyond Redwood.
  • To record and evidence progress towards these skills through a ‘life-skills passport’ and a long-term curriculum map in order to provide breadth and depth of skills coverage.
  • To maintain a collaborative approach between lower and upper school and further education establishments such as Highbury college, to ensure skills have merit in supporting ongoing preparation for adulthood.
  • To link to pupil’s education and healthcare plans to provide opportunity to enhance learning and give further context when working towards individual targets.