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Redwood Park Academy

Key Stage 4 Accreditation

Pupils in Key stage 4 are provided the opportunity to experience a broad, personalised, and vocational curriculum offer. 

Pupils develop core skills in English and Maths through a functional approach to teaching and learning alongside working towards progress in their EHC plans across their other core curriculum subjects which are Wider World, HRE and Life Skills.

All Key Stage 4 pupils are entered for English and Maths accreditation according to their academic level. This includes Entry Level & Functional Skills.


Pupils in Key Stage 4 have a broad and enriching choice of over 14 option pathways, to complete their own engaging and personalised curriculum. Pupils engage in 3 'Options' per week that they choose following a taster day and information evening for them and their families. These Options support our pupils to continue to make progress against their EHCP targets and if appropriate work towards a recognised accreditation or qualification. The breadth of options enables out pupils to gain a rich experience of subjects that they may not have experienced before or enjoy, to support them move forward to their Post 16 pathway.

Available Options:

Sport & Leisure: Pupils take part in a range of sporting performance and leisure-based activities, at both specialist facilities and within our local community. Pupils apply their new knowledge of sports, swimming and fitness activities to their own performance and lifestyles.

Creative: Pupils get creative from across a choice of the Arts; they develop their own knowledge and skills as well as planning an enriching event for the rest of the school community, this included RedFest and for the first time in 2022 an Arts Week!

Food Skills: Pupils develop their cooking and preparation skills so they can transfer these new skills to their own home and lives, by creating a range of home favourites, working towards creating their own 3 course menus.

Catering: Pupils develop their culinary skills at the next level by developing professional skills and practices, to produce restaurant quality food and drink!

Forest School: Pupils develop their knowledge of outdoor education, building on the KS3 curriculum. They engage with a range of local outdoor Copses, woodlands, forests, and beach areas contributing to community action projects as they go.

Horticulture: Pupils enjoy taking part in gardening and horticulture-based activities in our award-winning garden, to further add to our forever blossoming outdoor areas. This year, the class are supporting with the development of a new garden area on the school field.

Duke of Edinburgh Award: Pupils complete the world-renowned qualification including working towards a residential in the Brecon Beacons. 

Outdoor and Adventurous Activities: Pupils enrich in taking part in local outdoor adventurous activities with our local partnerships including water sports, climbing, Lazer quest and other exciting and engaging pursuits. 

Design and Technology: Pupils develop their product design and workmanships skills to create personalised products using a range of materials and tools.

Humanities: Pupils develop their knowledge and understanding of geography and history based around their own interests. Currently pupils are engaging in learning about the world wars and are planning on visiting our local museums in Portsmouth to learn about how this affected our City.

Please note: Our highly personalised and be-spoke curriculum continues to see adaptions to match the pupils' interests, complex and ranging needs.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Examples of the ranges of accreditation offered at Redwood Park Academy

Subject Area Examination Board Course Level
English AQA Functional Skills Level 1 & Level 2
English ASDAN/WJEC Personal Progress Entry 1 - Various Modules
Maths AQA Functional Skills Level 1 & Level 2
Life Skills Pearson Edexcel BTEC Pre-Vocational Study: Entry Level 2
Options Curriculum:
Sport & Leisure WJEC Entry Pathways Healthy Living & Fitness; various units
Creative including Art, Music, Photography and Dance Trinity College London Discover, Explore, Bronze & Silver Arts Award: Pre-Entry to Level 2
Food Studies Pearson BTEC Home Cooking Skills Level 1 & Level 2
Catering WJEC Preparing for Work: various units
Forest School John Muir Award Discover/Explorer/Conserver Award
Horticulture WJEC/ASDAN Personal Progress & Preparing for Work units. various units
Duke of Edinburgh Award D of E Foundation Bronze Award
Outdoor & Adventurous Activities Activity specific qualifications Various
Design Technology WJEC Entry Pathways Creative, Media and Performing Arts
Humanities WJEC Entry Pathways Humanities