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Redwood Park Academy


Class Teacher: Sharon Farmer & Ed Bond

Welcome to Guildhall Class one of our Key Stage 3 classes here at Redwood Park Academy.

Autumn 2023

Hello and welcome to Guildhall class 2023.

We are a group of ten engaged and outgoing young adults. We are really looking forward to working through this our last year at Redwood Park and to all the activities that will help us with our transition to our next placement.

This year we are supported by Sharon, Daisy, Jo and Ed and they are busy creating lots of exciting activities and experiences to help us on this journey.

We will spend lots of time working off site this year, exploring our options and the wider world, both locally and further afield.

As a group we are already very close, supportive and caring of each other and having worked together last year really understand each other’s strengths and challenges.

Year 11 is always a year of firsts and of lasts, with changes coming that require us to be courageous and open-minded.

With the help of each other, our staff and from you at home we know we will have the greatest year ahead of us.