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Redwood Park Academy


At Redwood Park Academy, we strive for excellence in English achievement throughout the school. We hope to develop pupil’s abilities within a cross curricular programme of Reading, Writing and Communication. Across all classes, pupils are given opportunities to develop their knowledge, understanding and use of spoken and written English, within a balanced and exciting curriculum. There are lots of opportunities for pupils to consolidate and reinforce taught English skills and to apply them in a range of contexts.

Pupils at Redwood Park Academy will:

  • Learn how to read and write with understanding and confidence, developing a range of independent strategies to take responsibility for their own learning
  • Be encouraged to develop a love of reading and to read for enjoyment
  • Develop their ever-growing vocabulary, through an interest in words and their meanings
  • Experience a range of text/media types and genres, across a range of contexts, to develop their understanding
  • Learn to write in a variety of styles and be able to apply characteristic features of texts to their own writing
  • Develop a vocabulary that will enhance communication
  • Learn how to apply grammatical terminology in their own writing, at an appropriate level
  • Have the opportunity to write for pleasure; to explore and develop their own ideas
  • Develop strategies to communicate effectively

Most importantly, pupils will have the opportunity to develop their creativity and imagination.


Our strategy takes account of, and is guided by:

  • National Curriculum for English (2014)
  • Various phonic and reading guidance including: Letters & Sounds, Bespoke Redwood Park Academy sight word lists and The Reading Framework (2021)
  • ASDAN curriculum and assessment guidance
  • Edexcel Person Entry Level 1-3 Functional Skills in English
  • AQA English Level 1 and Level 2