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Redwood Park Academy


What is Art at Redwood Park?

For us Art is a creative act of self-expression using colour, form, texture, pattern and shape.  It can be intended as a representation of an object or the living world, the communication of a thought or an idea, an abstraction of reality or of a figment of the imagination.  For us at Redwood Park we believe that Art comes from within the soul and is a personal statement. 

Units of work in the curriculum focus on the following;
  • The elements of Art, including line, shape, colour, tone, form, space and visual texture.
  • How an artist combines these elements and produces art in different styles, for example realistic or abstract art.
  • The different media used to make art, including sculpture, architecture, painting, drawing, printing and collage.
  • Different subject matter e.g. portraits, landscapes or historical painting.  
  • Different artistic movements e.g. Impressionism, Cubism, Pop Art.
  • The Art of different historical periods or geographical cultures  

Our Aims

  • To inspire enthusiasm for the subject within a stimulating learning environment.
  • To stimulate the desire to make visual records of the natural and manmade world and to provide the knowledge, skills and understanding to achieve this
  • To foster observational skills and ways of seeing.
  • To provide every opportunity for self -expression and encouragement to communicate visually and imaginatively.
  • To encourage tolerance and greater insight by investigating cultures other than ours and to learn to appreciate the values of societies past and present.
  • To assess, review and revise our own work and to discuss and make positive and helpful comments about the work of others.
  • To engender a spirit of enquiry and experimentation and to encourage risk-taking, while ensuring the individual’s right to fail.


How we deliver Art and Design

Our Art curriculum is based on exciting themes and projects.  We are so proud of our work that we are publishing it for everyone to see. We have introduced our Artsonia.com initiative; an international online Art gallery where the pupils’ artwork will be uploaded for friends and family to see.

KS3 pupils work in various types of interesting media, including watercolour, collage, 3D sculpture, ceramics and paper mache, whilst learning a variety of different techniques along the way. Themes include Ancient Egypt, The Mexican Day of the Dead Festival, landscapes and the work of Henry Moore, Freidensreich Hundtertwasser and Johannes Vermeer.

KS4 have chosen Art as one of their options and are working towards either a Bronze ‘Art Award’ or entry level GCSE accreditation, using a variety of media and techniques, following several themes and topics.